Head of the department

Suleymenova Tazakul

Candidate of technical sciences, docent

Contact information: Building  №5 (D), 108

Work phone: (87252)30-02-54

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Information about the specialty


Undergraduate courses

Educational program:6B07230-Technology and design of light industry products

Training period:4 years

Base of practice and place of future work:

  • JSC “Special Gear Kazakhstan", Shymkent
  • LTD "AZALA textil", Shymkent
  • LTD SHF "Alatex"Shymkent
  •  LLP SHF "PK AGF Group", Shymkent
  • LTD "Spetsodezhda", Shymkent

Qualification:bachelor of engineering and technology

Field of activity of graduates:

Organizational and managerial, production and technical, research and other types of work in the field of design and technology of light industry products: clothes, shoes and accessories.

Graduates are awarded the academic qualification of bachelor in the educational program:"6B07230-Technology and design of light industry products»



Educational program:7M07230-Technology and design of light industry products

Training period:2 years

Qualification:master of technical Sciences


Educational program:8D07230 - technology and design of light industry products

Training period: 3 years

Qualification:doctor PhD

Department «Technology and design of light industry products»

The Department was formed in 2008, the Department has 6 candidate of Sciences, 4 doctor of PhD, 12 senior teachers and lecturers. The duties of the head of the Department are performed by the candidate of Sciences, associate professorSuleimenovaTazakul.


The Department provides opportunities for continuous training on 3-level model of education-bachelor's degree (4 years of study) - master's degree of scientific and pedagogical (2 years of study) - doctoral (3 years of study). The Department practices annual updating of the content of educational programs on the basis of the choice of elective disciplines according to the trajectories of training and the demands of the labor market.


In 2014 / 2015 academic programs of specialties 5B072600 - "Technology and design of light industry products", 6M072600 - "Technology and design of light industry products" passed the international accreditation in ASIIN Agency(Dusseldorf, Germany)

In 2016/2017 academic year the educational program of specialty 6D072600 - "Technology and design of light industry products" was accredited (ncaoco)

In 2019/2020 educational programs 6B07230- "Technology and design of light industry products", 7M07230- "Technology and design of light industry products", 7M07231- "Technology and design of light industry products", 7M07232 - "Technology and design of light industry products" passed international accreditation in ASIIN Agency (Dusseldorf, Germany)



                                       International accreditation of the educational program «Technology and design of light industry»

Students of the Department annually participate and take prizes in the subject Olympiad held at Almaty technological University. In 2021, the specialty "Technology and design of light industry products" took the 2nd place among universities of Kazakhstan.


Improving the quality of training on the synthesis of the triad "science-education-innovation". In this area, the Department has a significant integration potential: memorandums of cooperation in the field of science and education with leading universities of the near and far abroad: HOF University (Germany), Ivanovo state Polytechnic University (Russia, Ivanovo), EGE University (Turkey, Izmir), Moscow state University of design and technology (Russia, Moscow), St. Petersburg state University of technology and design (Russia, St. Petersburg); with bases of practice, including on passing of scientific training of LLP "Lidersnab", LLP NVP "Talapty", LLP "Gauhar", LLP "Tomiris", LLP "AzalaTextile", LLP "South Textiline KZ", LLP "Alatex".

Together with the sewing enterprises of the region, educational, scientific and production complexes (unpc) were created on the bases of: LLP NVP "Talapty", LLP "Special Gear Kazakhstan", LLP "Alatex". On the basis of unpk. Students are given a real opportunity to acquire practical experience for professional activities.

The system of professional development of teaching staff at the Department is implemented through advanced training courses, internships in leading universities, research institutes, organizations and enterprises of the near and far abroad.


Teachers published more than 250 scientific and methodological works, received 15 copyright certificates and innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 8 monographs, 20 textbooks and manuals, 45 electronic textbooks. Published in journals with non-zero impact factor 152 articles, in publications KKSON 30 articles. 118 scientific works have been published in the publications of near and far abroad.

The results of scientific research are implemented in the educational process, as well as in production, which is confirmed by more than 70 acts of implementation.


The Department annually establishes and maintains contacts with leading Universities and research institutes and educational institutions of foreign countries, as well as diplomatic missions of foreign countries accredited in Kazakhstan and national cultural centers of foreign countries on improving partnerships with educational organizations.